Expat Holidays Thailand

Lattie Louah – mother & daughters Thailand trip

I was hesitant to take my three daughters to Thailand without my husband’s help. However, Lenny and his staff were absolutely amazing from the moment I started planning the trip, until the day I came home. I truly felt as if they

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Laurie Ranz, expats based in Bangladesh

My husband and I have been living in SE Asia for 3.5 years and have used Lenny’s services on many occasions! From a night in Bangkok, to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, to arranging everything for a trip for my in-laws, he’s been

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Osland Family from USA – Thailand holiday

Thank you Lenny and staff for making sure our trip to Thailand was easy and hassle free. You handled all of our driver reservations and everything went smoothly. Getting off the plane in Bangkok and seeing our name sign being held up

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