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Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (FIT)

Unless otherwise stated and agreed, Expat Holidays Thailand Co. Ltd. (referred to in this agreement as “We” “Expat Holidays Thailand” and “The company”) along with its agents and/or customers (herein referred to as the “client” and/or “customer”) agree on the terms and conditions as rendered by Expat Holidays Thailand, whether an individual service or multiple-service basis. All products and services offered by the company shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions and booking policy to form a partial or entire service contract, whether written or verbal.


Any prices quoted to the client are proposals only. Please note that no reservation will be made until the client has accepted the offer in writing by email.


All of the prices quoted by Expat Holidays Thailand are quoted net in THB (Thai Baht) or USD (United States Dollar) at the current exchange rate. All prices are valid according to the dates mentioned in the validity of our programs. Expat Holidays Thailand warrants that the prices or rates quoted to the Client/Agent are correct at the time of issuance or invoice. However, prices may sometimes increase due to reasons outside of our control inflation, currency depreciation and fuel surcharges or any other events that are outside of our company’s control. A surcharge might apply for peak season dates (Songkran Festival in April, X’Mas, New Year, etc.). Please contact us for further details in terms of specific dates.


Exact deposit terms differ depending on services and will be advised at the time of confirmation. If you fail to acknowledge and pay the deposit amount, the confirmed services will be cancelled automatically.



For single service (hotel, tour, flights) bookings, cancellation policy from the supplier will be clearly mentioned case by case.  For package tours including multiple services, exact payment and cancellation policy will be provided in writing by email and included on the invoice.  By paying the invoice, the client agrees to the provided payment and cancellation policy and agrees not to file any disputes or credit card chargebacks for non refundable payments.



We accept payments via bank transfers, PayPal and all major credit cards.


We try our best to suggest suitable hotels based on the client’s requirements and budgets.  However, we understand that everyone’s tastes are different and clients may not be satisfied with the hotel upon arrival.  We try to inspect hotels as much as possible and always try to get detailed feedback from our clients who stay in them.  However, hotel conditions may change and we cannot guarantee exactly which room the clients will be assigned.  It is very important to note that all hotel policies are full reservation amount charge for early departure.  If clients arrive at the hotel and wish to check out early, we will always do our best to find a solution.  Please note that the final decision in these situations will be made by the hotel.


Expat Holidays Thailand strives to undertake everything reasonably possible to provide the best service to its clients. It must be noted that Expat Holidays Thailand serves as an intermediary and/or agent for airlines, hotels, transport operators and various tourism firms that make up a tour package. The company will not be held liable for any loss, damage or additional expense that the client may experience. Additional expenses or loss relating to delay, accidents, natural disasters, political unrest are the responsibility solely of the client.

Participation in any tour offered by the company implies that the client has agreed to all terms and conditions as set out in this document. Expat Holidays Thailand shall not be liable for any damage caused whatsoever to the client by the failure to perform the contract or to alter the terms of the contract where failure and improper performance is not the fault of Expat Holidays Thailand due to the following reasons:

  • the failure in the performance of the contract is attributable to the client; or
  • the failure is attributable to a third party that is not associated with the provision of the products or services contracted for and is unforeseeable or unavoidable, or the failure is due to Major Force.


Any disputes, litigation and claims regarding the services between the client and Expat Holidays Thailand shall be settled first and foremost by the way of negotiation and through mutual understanding between the two parties. If such practices fail, any disputes, claims or litigation will be settled by local arbitration in Thailand. All claims must be submitted in writing within 30 days following the completion of services provided. The client accepts full and unconditional acceptance of the Terms and Conditions outlined in this agreement by participating on any tour with Expat Holidays Thailand.


If the client wishes to submit a complaint in regards to a holiday or tour, the first step is to bring the matter forward with their representative, service provider or guide at the site. Notwithstanding this, the client can notify the company within 30 days upon returning to his/her port of departure and submit a complaint to Expat Holidays Thailand in writing. Any complaint received after 30 days will not be dealt with.


Itineraries and tours featured on our website and operated by the company are a recommended as a suggestion only. Although it is unlikely that changes will be made to travel plans of a tour, due to unforeseen circumstances, Expat Holidays Thailand reserves the right to alter or change a travel itinerary at any time. Most changes made by the company are minor, and the company will endeavor to inform the client at the earliest possible time. If a major change is necessary, alternate travel arrangements will be sent to the client’s last known email address, detailing the proposed changes. If changes to an itinerary are known prior to the date of departure, the client will have the choice:

  1. Accepting the proposed changes
  2. Taking another choice of tour with Expat Holidays Thailand (of equal or lesser value)
  3. Cancelling the tour and receiving a refund from the deposit paid based on the cancellation policy. Non-refundable deposits paid cannot be reimbursed.

For changes to travel itineraries after departure, the company reserves the right to alter or change travel plans without payment of compensation or a refund if it is in the client’s best interest to do so. Compensation, full or partial refund will not be offered if the company is forced to cancel any tour due to major force (such as war, civil strife, political unrest, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural disaster, pandemic, fire, adverse weather and/or material or external circumstances outside of the company’s control).


Clients with special requests, (e.g. non-smoking room, etc) should contact Expat Holidays Thailand in writing at the time of booking. The company will aim to fulfill all reasonable requests, but special requests cannot be guaranteed and do not form part of the contract. Expat Holidays Thailand will not be held liable for failing to comply with any special requests.


Expat Holidays Thailand takes no responsibility for travel arrangements as a result of flight cancelation, delay or postponement for any reason. In such an event, the company will always try to assist as much as possible.


Expat Holidays Thailand reserves the right to end, cancel or terminate the contract if the client demonstrates a behavior, manner, conduct and/or action either during or prior to a tour that is likely to cause offence to other clients, endanger the property, well-being or safety and/or benefits of the other clients or of the client himself/herself. In such instances, the client shall be subject to the company’s cancellation policy and the company will take no further liability or association with the client. If the conduct, behavior and/or action of the client cause any damage to the accommodation where the client is staying, or causes delay or diversion to any form of transportation and/or the Tour, the client agrees to offer full indemnity to Expat Holidays Thailand against any claim. These may include legal costs made against the company by or on behalf of any third party.


Expat Holidays Thailand strongly recommends that all clients find a comprehensive travel insurance policy that offers a high level of cover for the full duration of the tour. Travel insurance is advised to cover personal injury, medical expenses, costs associated with repatriation to home country, compensation for loss of luggage, and expenses associated with the cancellation, postponement, or delay of a tour. The client acknowledges that in the event of injury or illness, all doctors’ fees, hospital costs, and repatriation expenses are the responsibility of the client and the company will in no way be responsible or liable for the refund of the tour cost. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure they are receiving an adequate level of insurance cover and to read the full terms and conditions of their travel insurance prior to travel.

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