Expat Holidays Thailand

Caron Czorny, Canada – 2 week Thailand holiday

We had been planning to go to Nepal for over a year, and a tragic earthquake hit 3 days before we were due to leave Canada.  As well, my brother and his girlfriend in Australia were planning to join us.  So we all decided to go to Thailand instead, and changed our flights 2 days before I was scheduled to leave Canada.  The only thing we had booked for this new destination, where we would be for 2 weeks, was the first 2 nights in Bangkok.  Lucky for us, someone referred me to Lenny and Expat Holidays.  Lenny contacted me the same day and by the next morning had a draft itinerary laid out for us, from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, to Kho Lak and back to Bangkok.  With all kinds of interesting things to do and see.  And wonderful, and varied, places for us to stay.


Lenny kept in touch almost every day, as we made a few minor changes along the way.  We had great tour guides, van drivers, etc.

I would not hesitate to rate Lenny and Expat a 5/5 and would recommend them to anyone.