Expat Holidays Thailand

Our Siem Reap adventure

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Adventure highlights:

  • A full-day biking tour through the more famous Angkor temples- Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm and Bayon. Must note: Sore legs aside… the tour was too short! Must stay longer next time. Must get a tuk-tuk!
  • The Angkor Wat Half Marathon. Lenny’s first (and probably last one!).
  • Our very knowledgeable guide (seen above looking patiently on as Lenny takes a miliion photos). His knowledge of the temples, of Khmer history and his openness in answering questions about the civil war and his own family’s history made the adventure more personal.. and even more engrossing.
  • Artisand d’Angkor: lemongrass tea, Cambodian palm sugar, and the opportunity to support and nurture traditional arts and crafts.

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