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Philippines 2014

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When was the last time you truly ventured “off the beaten track”? With over seven years in Asia… we thought we constantly did. But we’re left amazed at how many more places we still need to explore, especially when we accepted Localcrag Philippines’ invitation to visit. After two flights (from Bangkok) and a three-hour boat ride, we finally arrived in Leyte. If this place sounds familiar, it’s because in 2013, one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded made landfall here. It looks like it is recovering. But we have to say… it rained. Nearly EVERYDAY. We had to cross sunbathing off our list of things to do!

Luckily, we were in good company and travelling with an awesome bunch of outdoor enthusiasts- the Localcrag team.

Adventure highlights:

  • Surfing. Or attempting to surf on the Pacific side of the Philippines. A freak storm soaked our tents and someone stole our bottle of local whiskey, but, like the American General McArthur said in WW2, “I shall return”. With locks, more rainproof clothing and better surfing skills.
  • A bonfire by the beach (before the storm hit!) and roasting some kind of homemade eclairs (made dough out of flour and milk, wrapped it around a bamboo stick, cooked over the fire and melted chocolate inside).
  • Paddle Boarding on Lake Danao, Ormoc and the river beside our camp site. Attempted to create a rope to swing on, too, but proven unsuccessful, we just decided to climb the coconut tree and jump off!
  • Getting San Miguel Beer delivered to our floating bamboo cottage on a bangka/canoe.